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March 15th, 2022


We’re Officially Open for Business

We’re excited to announce the launch of Third Line Financial Planning. Our goal is to help simplify your finances, so you can go out and live life without any stress about money.

Why the name Third Line? It’s simple: we’re focused on your bottom line. In accounting, the third line is the bottom line. It’s your income minus expenses. Your assets minus liabilities.

We truly believe in holistic financial planning, which means focusing on both investments and savings.


Who We Work With

My clients range from Millennials to Gen-Xers and include entrepreneurs, professionals, and retirees. The goal is to work with only a select few ongoing clients to provide a true boutique offering.

As an independent advisor, we’re not beholden to the demands of a large firm or outside investors. Therefore, we can give truly independent advice free of any conflicts of interest.


What We Offer and How We Charge

We offer both financial planning and investment management. Financial planning typically involves playing a flat fee for advice, usually billed monthly.

For investment management, we don’t believe in one-size-its-all offerings—everything we do is custom tailored to your specific needs using low-cost ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds). You are charged a percentage fee based on your assets under management. This type of fee structure aligns both of our interests and insures you don’t pay commissions or extra fees.


Why Work With Us?

As an Investment Advisor Representative, we’re obligated to act as a fiduciary by always putting your needs first. Being a fiduciary is an important distinction, which separates advisors from simply salespeople.

And we believe personal finance is more personal than it is finance. We’re guided by our core tenets of trust, teamwork, and transparency.


Let’s Talk

Let’s see if we’re a fit for your specific needs and goals. Use the contact form here.


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